Our tree nursery has landscaping Spruce and Cedar trees in all sizes !!

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Lonesome Pine  tree Nursery is a  home based tree farming business located in East Selkirk Manitoba. We sell  3-16 foot White spruce trees, Blue spruce trees, and Eastern white cedar trees. All our  evergreen trees are field grown and bare rooted and thus can only be moved in the spring and fall.  A 50% deposit is required at time of tree selection before digging begins. Topsoil must be available on your site for planting trees and a water supply for transplants. All utility lines must be clearly marked in your yard prior to digging.  Great trees! Great prices!

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 We also sell potted 1 -4 foot White Spruce,  Blue Spruce, Black hills Spruce and Eastern White Cedar trees. With care potted stock can be planted in the summer months.

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 Reasonable transport rates for trees can be given..... please contact us by email at"lonesomepine@mts.net"




• Make sure your transplant location is clearly marked.  Spacing for white spruce should be 11-12 feet apart.  (These trees may grow to 50 ft. +, so need room to grow!) • All utility lines should be clearly marked before digging begins. • Infill the transplant hole with a mixture of top soil and peat moss. • Water in the transplant thoroughly, over several days. (Most important) • Apply seaweed concentrate to foliage/soil- helps to reduce transplant shock.  Remember all transplants will slow down after transplanting.  It will take them a couple of years to re-establish their rooting system. • In the spring, spray foliage with dormant oil.  This will protect against insects such a spider mite. • Just as the buds open in spring, spray foliage with copper sulphate solution.  This helps to protect against fungi and promotes general good health. • Growth can be encouraged by fertilizing – granular (Calsamax), around the drip line, garden sulphur, and/or spraying with a 10-52-17 foliage feed- 3-4 times per growing season. • ALL the above supplements can be obtained at ‘GROWERS’ on Fife St. in Winnipeg or at your local garden center. 

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